Behind The Scenes: TaylordBlu Photo Shoots

Julie Stanley entered the world of professional photography in 1999, working with one of the top commercial studios in Cleveland, she now specialize in fashion and beauty and work with many models, fashion and jewelry designers and hair and make-up artists for various projects. Some of her magazine publications include VOGUE, Allure, Lucky, InStyle, Modern Model, Pretty Living and Role Model; online publications include VOGUE Italia and Art + Commerce and many fashion boutique websites. She now has her own studio near Cleveland Ohio. Her creativity stems from a lot of inspirations, but her goal is simple…” My art is capturing the art of others under the most perfect light.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Stanley dating back to 2013, and what she brings not only to photography, but to fashion is incredible. Her eye for lighting, space, location, and attention to details are impressive. “In order to capture art in the perfect lighting”, as Julie says, well that requires an eye for what you do not only behind the camera but knowledge and creativity. Her work speaks for itself….. That’s why when I decided launched my own brand of men’s neckwear and accessories under the name TaylordBlu, I knew just the person that would shoot my own form of art spoken thru clothing….Julie Stanley at

I want to present to the world and some behind the scene footage of not only the creation and birth of TaylordBlu Clothing Brand, but also introduce you an extraordinary woman who’s work tells a story of not only those she captures behind a lens, but also gives you an idea of the woman holding the camera. It is clear once you met her, that you will experience an incredible woman whose poise and grace transcends what she has displayed thru her form of art, by capturing moments that will always stand the test of time.

Welcome to my world—–TB 2014