The History of the Boutonniere

History of the Boutonniére: “Throughout history, despite the outward feminine associations of flowers, they have often been associated with men in unique ways. When Charles VIII of France arrived in Naples, Italy in 1494, the locals created a wreath of violets for him, which he happily wore. Subsequently, in the 1740’s, flower gardens became popular and floral patterns began appearing in men’s clothing. Roses are the Order of the Garter of that Great Monarch called Nature”
–Cited from: How The Boutonniere Buttonhole Came To Be On The Lapel — Gentleman’s Gazette

These one of a kind lapel flowers (or boutonnieres) by TaylordBlu are handmade in limited quantities at a studio here in the USA by skilled artisans using antique flower making tools. They are made from the some of the finest fabric of silk, cotton, and satin hand-picked from around the world, based on quality, color, and pattern design. Each rose or daisy is approximately 2.5″ (6 cm) in diameter and has a 5 mm round brooch pin back that will fasten securely to any apparel you choose.

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