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Our Nolcha Shows features continue with TaylordBlu a brand that is on a mission to redefine how men dress.

A few words to describe the collection that you will be showing at Nolcha this season:

The collection I will be showing this season will be my new Spring/Summer collection, inspired by the many different colours found in nature. So what you will see are lots of shades of colour, intricate details, and textures. We believe that adding colour is the quintessential necessity, adding versatility and that right amount of accessory that ties everything together. Our collection consists of silk suspenders, bow ties, neckties, silk lapel flowers, cashmere scarves, and pockets squares.

We have also introduced a new line of our silk pocket squares. These colorfully light and airy silks make them much more attractive, especially in the summer months. They will turn that unimpressive sports coat into a conversation piece. We believe that invoking color into our silk pocket square(s) is vital; because the man’s silk pocket square has now been labeled “the men’s new necktie”.  Over the years, men have traditionally gotten away from wearing neckties and embraced the new trend of accessorizing with only a pocket square (see my article written by Marlin Jones, Style Trumps Fashion The TaylordBlu Collection, page 40 “ The Life Cycle of the Pocket Square” )

You say you want to contribute to the fashion world in a similar way Ralph Lauren has. What is your plan of execution?

Our plan of execution has always been to change people’s perception (men in particular) of fashion. Our philosophy is simple…We are committed to redefining how men dress. We hope to accomplish this one man at a time. We have been fortunate enough to have been able to collaborate with one of the industry’s most sought after stylist, Jen Abrams. Her brand (JenAbramsStyle), speaks for itself. She has worked with some of the world’s best athletes from the NFL to Major league Baseball, models, and musicians just to name a few. Her reputation precedes her in every respect, and the TaylordBlu brand has been fortunate enough to be in her company.

Another plan of execution that we have taken is continually partnering up with Nolcha fashion lounge. The Nolcha fashion lounge has become a crucial element to many independent designers by providing them the platform to showcase their talents and collection to  industry giants. Being in partnership with such an incredible company such as Nolcha, networking and making  connections with stylist, models, and athlete’s that attend the show have become expectation; not  to mention some of the A list actors and actresses that attend  have become a vital necessity to many of the independent designer’s success.

We look forward to maintaining a close relationship with those affiliated with the Nolcha Company; as the TaylordBlu brand continues to set the standard for men’s neckwear and accessories. We have developed more than a friendship with the Nolcha staff and co-founders, but we can now call them a part of the TaylordBlu family.

Our last plan of execution would be staying connected to all the social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook just to name a few. These sites have provided the most necessary part of any business’ success through free advertising and marketing. These social media sites have helped the TaylordBlu brand reach a broader audience; otherwise, much of our success would have been limited.  This is done simply by a stroke of a key as we continue to upload videos and pictures of our collection getting that necessary exposure. that would have equated to dollars amount and our bottom line had it not been accessible.

We welcome the challenge. Experience the movement, and follow us on this amazing journey as we transform men’s accessories.

We note you used to be a model before turning your hand to designing. Was that an easy transition for you?

I did…..I was a print and catalog model for a number of years, and I think the transition was easy. I think modeling and fashion go hand and hand. Remember when modeling, you are not selling the person photographed, but the item featured. So when I decided to start the TaylordBlu collection and collectively thinking about how I wanted to introduce my brand to the world, modeling was a part of that thought process.

I am the face of the TaylordBlu collection. My experience as a model can be felt in every photograph captured by my brilliant photographer Julie Stanley, who also used to model. So, we both understand the dynamics of taking that modeling experience and applying it to the fashion industry, which has played an important role on how the TaylordBlu collection has been received; and we couldn’t be happier! Welcome to the TaylordBlu experience…

 How would you describe the TaylordBlu man:

I would describe the TaylordBlu man as someone who is confident, sophisticated, articulate, well put-together, dynamic, charismatic, and a man who has a presence about himself. I mentioned in a previous interview, that John Legend would be the ideal image of the TaylordBlu brand. I think he possess everything mentioned above and more. Not only can he sing, but his style falls in line with our philosophy of what we are trying to convey to the world. Sophistication to me is not what you are wearing necessarily, but more about who you are, that’s what’s more appealing. A sense of confidence, the way you carry yourself in a crowded room, or how you navigate gracefully when approached; that would encompass my definition of a TaylordBlu man.

 How can we keep up to date with TaylordBlu?

I would welcome you to follow us on Instagram @TaylordBlu, or follow us on twitter @MarlinAndre for the most up to date pictures and videos that we post.  Also, you can visit our website at or check us out on for our latest magazine launch of Style Trumps Fashion the TaylordBlu Collection.

“Our philosophy is simple…We are committed to redefining how men dress”.

The Nolcha Shows are a leading award winning event, held during New York Fashion Week, for independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists and industry influencers.


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