FEATURE: Designer Marlin Jones: A Father to Men’s Style

[From BronzeMagOnline.com]

Parenthood has a way of changing your perspective of life. For most men fatherhood and being a parent changes almost everything. Topics and behavior that once passed under the radar are noticed. Their decisions on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, conduct and conversation changes; especially when in the presence of their child.

Imagine if you may, a true gentleman who has decided to be that father to the “today’s man” sense of style. His role and job is to guide men of today as he would his own children on the do’s and don’ts, except his consultations and advice are on style (yet given the right time or circumstance he will do that also). To him, men’s accessories are the runway lights that guide your path of impeccable style, enabling your fashion sense to take flight. To let him tell it, he firmly believes the art of style not only represents you, but it is also a powerful tool to present yourself to the world.

In honor of Father’s Day and in the style of Bronze Magazine, we decided to pay tribute to a man who is not only a father to his children and community, but also a father to redefining and repositioning the definition of elegant style for men around the world. Succinctly, showing them how to dress up their button downs.


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