Jen Abrams – The Woman Behind The Brand

To much of the world she is known as Jen Abrams, but who is this woman behind the brand. Starting her career out as a brand specialist, this Philly native was destined for an impressive career in the field of styling. Getting her start with the likes of the Kardashians developing their brand known as DASH, Rachael Zoe, and the most notably QVC, Jen soon was a household name that quickly launched her career into the stratosphere. With many other celebrity clients to her roster, Jen decided to pursue her own endeavors, and that’s when Jen Abrams Style was born.

Well known by players in professional sports, Jen’s touch across the NFL, MLB, and many in the entertainment field is well documented. To Jen this is a science, her understanding about who she working with is paramount. She understands that the image they portray off the field is vital to their career on the field. Her expertise and the ability of gaining their trust are crucial in finding the right designers that cater to the body type.

Jen understands that passion and love for fashion is necessary, but her attention to detail from pocket squares to sneakers can be the right amount of accessories that define a player’s personality. It’s about personal style more so than putting a player in certain brand. If the players’ personality doesn’t match the designer she pairs them up, then it doesn’t work. Jen understands that.

Jen Abrams is one of the leading authorities on all things fashionable. There are very few people in the industry that she hasn’t been touched by Jen Abrams Style, her mark has been left and well needed in a market defined by style. Jen truly has earned her place in all things fashion… Not only has it been a pleasure working with Jen, but getting to know her on a personal level have been the greatest compliment.

If you want to see what she is capable of doing, then just take a look at the many red carpet events from the STYLES GAMES@ Saks Fifth Ave. with the Philadelphia Eagles, to Where Music meets Couture 9 th annual fashion show at The Attic night club in NYC alongside Hyela Makoujy for Schuyler 4LTD, located 32 East 57th Street, in the heart of NYC fashion district.

Jen Abrams is fashion. She is the heart and soul of the woman behind the brand Jen Abrams Style. I am happy to call her my friend

– By Marlin Jones / TaylordBlu

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