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Designing Men’s Wear was never the intention for Marlin Jones…lead designer and creator of TaylordBlu, a design collection of Men’s Wear, accessories and Ready-to-Wear for Women. Marlin Jones never really chose to be a designer; instead it was something that came naturally to this native born Ohioan. The second oldest in a family of five children, Marlin’s life was pretty standard. He grew up idolizing the stars of the 80’s such as Michael Jackson and Prince and it influenced much of the way he and his siblings dressed by way of the visuals they would see on television and music videos. Like most children of the Age of Music Television, they often imitated how the stars dressed and the way they danced.From Marlin’s own words:“Much of what we saw, we wanted to become, and today that influence still holds true.” And he holds firm that “much of what we see and hear is a big proponent of what we choose to wear, as a way of feeling that we too have style and fashion.” Even as a young kid, Marlin has always been into fashion. Marlin Jones says it best and honestly; that he found himself “trying to look good, more so for the ladies” but he ended up finding out that fashion had quite an impact and led him to very significant choices in his life and career. In fact, Marlin saw Fashion as his voice; a way to express himself without even saying a word.As to his design aesthetic, it always comes back to the influences he had as a kid growing up in Ohio…

Marlin Jones states that he really pays attention to “television, music, and the entertainment world, because those forums have a big influence over the way most people dress.” He also states that in regards to design his favorite time period is the 1920’s -50’s. Marlin states that he feels that this was a time when “everyone dressed up, no matter where they were going or socioeconomic background”, and “people took pride in their appearance.”

Marlin says that he would like to bring back some of that old Hollywood fashions that are timeless, elegant, and “fashion that spoke to the world without having to say a single word.” And it all plays into his decision to create a Men’s line. Marlin states in interview that “being a man and wanting to change the demographics and attitude of the way we view fashion from a man’s perspective; by adding that sense of style from the old Hollywood icons suited for the modern man today.”

His examples include Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther King, Don Cornelius, Rudolph Valentino and Clark Gable, all of which had their personal own style stating a classy consistency with a definite stamp of fashion that includes Fedora hats, suits/tuxedos, and overcoats.heatherMarlin states that this “brought class and style that was timeless…..That same style on many accounts, which is being sought after by many in the film and music industry today. “Designer Marlin Jones also enjoys suspenders, neckties/bow ties and silk pocket squares that is completely evident when viewing his collection of men’s accessories and completely understandable to his collection based on his personal view of style. And by all account, he must be on the right track as his line of Men’s accessories has received attention and applause from celebrities, stylists and highly notable specialty retailers such as J. Crew. Marlin states that his “biggest motivation is just being able to be a part of something as influential as fashion” to have everyone from business men to models wanting to wear his collections is such a blessing to him and only motivates him more.

Marlin also relies heavily on his faith and prayer, he states; “we must first have faith and above all else…believe. He also states that; “without a dream then you have no destination in site.” Definite words to live by! When we asked Marlin what he would like to bring to the World of Fashion, he states: “My goal is to reach a point where many will not only recognize my brand by name, but by the product, quality, and attention to detail that I put into everything that has my name on it…..” And even more poignantly he states: “… I am today hoping that I can do the same thing that fashion has done for me…of being that voice.” And with the amazing designs and the ever present style that TaylordBlu represent, we hear the voice of Marlin Jones LOUD AND CLEAR!

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