The Life Cycle of a Pocket Square

Many don’t know that life cycle of a pocket square, it usually goes like this: You’ll notice someone wearing one while walking through a crowd of people, a colleague at work, or an actor on television. The color, details, or intricate patterns, regardless of the insignificance we notice it. Usually once we notice it, then all of a sudden we start noticing it more and more. All of a sudden, we find ourselves wearing it less and less.

“How did the pocket square become a trend?”

My reply would be “it’s not a trend”, the history of the pocket square dates back to 14th Century in Europe, when they were used to wipe their foreheads or nose. Yes, you read that correctly …. not much of a fashion statement as it is today, the handkerchief has evolved into an iconic piece of men’s wear used to finish a garment. The pocket square comes in a variety of fabrics, from cotton to silk, from subtle tones to more intricate patterns and colors. The pocket square has always been part of a man’s wardrobe dating back to the days of Richard II of England. It is believed that the pocket square was invented during his reign, described in some documents that he used square pieces of cloth to wipe his nose.

Many saw this trend as the beginnings of evolution back in the 1990’s; could this have been the time that pocket squares became fashionable? Or was it a time when men started dressing up again? The pocket square has become more of a staple in today’s culture of men’s fashion than ever before. There are no rules when it comes to your personal style, but it is important not to ever match your look completely. You always want to add a different element of contrast and color that best fits your look. Another faux pas is to never match your pocket square up with your tie. Try using contrasting shapes and patterns to accentuate your style. The best part about wearing your pocket square is the ability to be playful and versatile.

So now men have the option of not wearing a tie. The pocket square has become the new tie … No trend last forever, but from the looks of it the pocket square has earned its rightful place in the pocket of men’s suit jackets. Some consider this trend to be the heart of men’s wear for many years to come.

– by Marlin Jones of TaylordBlu

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